New Technical Superintendent Course

Technical superintendents are a vital point of contact for equipment suppliers and repair yards.
They function as the link between vessel and shore, and play an important role in the purchasing of new parts and contracting repair activities.
At the request of and in partnership with several yards, the Holland Marine Equipment Association (HME) has established a training course focused entirely on technical superintendents.
The six-day course consists of three modules each of two days duration and will take place in the spring of 2014 in Vlaardingen Holland.
The course has been specifically developed for junior superintendents, mechanics or maritime officers who wish to take the next step towards becoming a superintendent

It offers a unique opportunity to gain more insight into the role and position of technical superintendents

This will, in turn, ensure a more effective process for equipment suppliers and repair yards.
Three modules
  • Module 1 involves the relevant changes in international laws and regulations, the issues of damages and insurance, and the subject of docking and repairs.
  • Module 2 is fully focused on incidents.
  • Module 3 focuses on the financial side of maintenance management and the importance of communication. 

The course is to be run by professionals who are, or were, active in the field working on behalf of:
  • Shipping companies
  • Yards
  • Insurance companies/brokers,
  • Inspection institutions
  • Classification societies