Revised Dates Announced for Inaugural Phuket Yacht Charter & Brokerage Show

No evidence of any piling or other works or expansion of berths,
Expansion would be to the left in that picture. 
Interest in a new Yacht Charter & Brokerage Show announced earlier this year for Phuket is peaking but uncertainty surrounds the dates and the ability of the host venue to be completed on time.
Anxious of such concerns, the organisers of the new showhave slightly revised the timing of the event and have just announced that the new dates for this much-anticipated inaugural event will now be 12th – 15th February 2015.
Phuket, already the venue for the Asia Super Yacht Rendezvouseach December, is fast becoming the destination hub of choice for cruising and chartering yachts and it is easy to see why it would be the ideal place to host a new show.
The hosting site of the Yacht Haven Marina situated on this, the largest of Thailand’s offshore islands, is the stuff of dreams when it comes to location. Sitting on the North Eastern corner of the island and overlooking the beautiful Phang Nga Bay, the development has long been touted as ‘the place to be’ for the increasing number of super yachts that are eyeing up South East Asia as the next exotic sunny cruising ground, but doubts surround its ability to open on time.
Twenty five original buyers in the residential project have formed a Buyers Group claiming that the ‘stuff of dreams’ is being built upon their ‘broken dreams’ and long term financial misery. They say that this has been caused by what they regard as a clear breach of contract by the marina developers, and the total negligence of their contractual obligations towards the buyers.
Led by yacht owner Dr. David Haines, the faction are a multi-international group with owners hailing from Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, Canada, USA and the UK.  Dr Haines said, “This is by no means a small localised action. Even Thai citizens have been victims of this injustice perpetuated by their own people who are, and always have been, behind the Yacht Haven Phuket Marina project since its inception over 18 years ago.”
Original “starter/show” block that was built in 1996 to attract buyers.
The block stood neglected until around 2008 when it was renovated
The twenty five original buyers firmly maintain that their original deposit funds of some 40mBaht have been fraudulently used to redevelop the marina.  Now they are left without property, memberships, moorings or even a return of the funds, which they claim to be entitled to.  The group are using the courts in attempt to recover funds they are due which they estimate to be about 120mBaht. ($3.8m USD).
In a press release issued on behalf of the developers, Jean Phataraprasit said, “For several years we have been aware of the need for a world-class superyacht marina in Phuket with all the facilities that experienced and discerning yacht owners from the Mediterranean have come to expect. We have finally been able to bring the Yacht Haven project to fruition, and we are thrilled to be able to play a major part in developing the yachting industry in Asia, with all the economic benefits that it can bring.”
The press release makes no mention of the Thai Court judgment against the Phataraprasit family company in 2008/2009 when the ‘would be’ owners won a civil case in the Thai Court against the family controlled company obliging them to repay the deposits in full, plus interest, loss of income and costs.  Nor have they explained why, to date, they have failed to meet that obligation.
Show organisers hope that the new dates will allow the developers of the revitalised Marina more time to complete the extensive works. They claim that an additional 20 or 30 super yacht berths are under way meaning that the show will be able to accommodate somewhere between 50 and 70 super yachts at the event – a capacity, that will if the marina is finished be unmatched anywhere else in Asia.

The revised dates also follow on from a comprehensive survey of many leading brokers in Asia, Europe and the US who confirmed to the organisers that the probably perfect weather and the bigger likely visitor turn-out in the middle of the season, would be the best choice of timing for the new show, rather than the November or December dates originally proposed.