Paper Napkins Can Sell Super Yachts

One clever marketing idea that caught our eye at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show turns out to be low cost and highly effective at the same time.
The food court is not renowned for its gastronomy but it is an easy place to grab paper plates piled high with freshly fried food.  At every stand piles of paper napkins are available for eaters to take and use.
Curvelle the Catamaran builder whose 38 metre Quaranta is being successfully sold on a shared or syndicated ownership basis latched onto the idea of using the napkins as a marketing tool.
The message on the napkin depicts how one owner would typically grab a piece of paper to annotate to a friend or colleague the major advantages he first saw when buying his own one seventh share in the boat.
The illustration graphically sketches out the many different reasons why buying this way is a clever entry into super yacht ownership.
Luuk van Zanten the innovative marketeer whose company YachtMarketing is behind the concept is pleased with the response generated by the napkins but fears the 8000 he printed for free distribution may not be enough to last the duration of the show which runs until next Monday.