Fastmount Innovation Award Finalist

The first metal panel mounting system, from Fastmount was one of 115 products entered into the 2013 DAME Design Award METS competition, and now it has been confirmed that their MC-05 is one of just 52 finalist products nominated for judging by the Jury.  

The metal clip is designed for removable ceiling and wall panel applications that require fire protection (pre-approved by Lloyds fire rating B-15 for a 100M+ superyacht) and for heavy load bearing panels has been nominated for the 2013 DAME Innovation Award.
The winners will be announced on Tuesday November 19th at 8 a.m. prior to the start of the METS show, Amsterdam.
Bill Dixon, Chairman of DAME Jury says, “For all marine products today we need a leap forward to attract buyers. It’s not enough that a product does what it needs to do – it needs to look the part as well”.
The need for the MC-05 metal clip system arose with larger superyachts and insurance companies demanding higher fire ratings, and the use of larger and heavier panels.
The cleverness of the MC-05 design is its’ perceived simplicity yet its’ ability to simultaneously perform in the following aspects.
MC-05 Maxi metal clip set is developed specifically to withstand high temperatures, provides acoustic and vibration isolation, allows for tolerance and flex (self centering) yet delivers a flawless finish every-time.  Panels can easily be removed and refitted in any sequence time after time.

Applications include fire rated panels, panels in fire egress paths, ceiling, wall, exterior panels and curved panels.