Merchant Navy Association Boat Club Seeks to Increase Membership

Clive Edwards the Commodore of the Merchant Navy Association Boat Club has launched a new website with the URL

The club has more that 200 members scattered throughout the UK, so they seldom meet together and the new website is designed to provide a networking opportunity for members to share their experiences.
The club is in the process of applying for affiliation to the RYA and is looking to encourage anyone with a maritime background to join the Merchant Navy Association and thus then the Merchant Navy Association Boat Club.
Membership of the MNA Boat Club is then automatically open to anyone who’s a member of the Merchant Navy Association without any further subscription. 
Crews working in large yachts holding either a discharge book or PYA record book or similar records of service are of course members of the Merchant Navy
Associate membership is available for those who have not served in the Merchant Navy, HM Coastguard, RNLI or in a registered fishing boat

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