Damage Suffered to Hull While Berthing with a Stabiliser Deployed Highlights Bridge Procedure Failings

As the authors of the book Bridge Procedures Guide for Large Yachts we take a particular interest in the subject.
We read reports, which highlight failings in Bridge Procedures so that we might incorporate lessons learned into future editions.
One such report has just been issued by the MAIB that reports on contact damage suffered by Finnarrow berthing with a stabiliser deployed in Holyhead 16 February 2013.
Despite taking place on a small passenger ship and not a superyacht the report does highlight failures in bridge procedures and emergency preparedness, both of which are no strangers to the large yacht industry.
There can be no doubt that with officers working to a busy schedule, fatigue and routine complacency were allowed to occur.
Simply put, the stabiliser status wasn’t mentioned.  A ‘Go-No Go’ checklist would have prevented this.
Engineers playing the headless chicken game in an emergency is worrying and also indicates a shortfall in flood control exercises.

I’m no engineer but no matter how well-intentioned, I suspect trying to discharge ingress water through a blanked line is not going to succeed and it raises the question: How often do superyacht Captains drill their crews in flooding procedures?