Monaco Super Yacht Show Hat-Trick For British Based Burgess Marine

Britain’s largest independent ship repairer, Burgess Marine has secured a large super yacht refit for its Portchester yard, located at the top of Portsmouth Harbour, in the UK.
The major refit of Tacanuyaa 57m, 1992 Swiftship, will encompass structural, mechanical and electrical works across an 8 to 9 month period.  The American built super yacht was built as Intrepidand has also sailed under the name Definace. The yacht, en-route to UK at the moment, will also undergo paint works and a major interior overhaul by Trimline Superyacht Interiors.
Whist refusing to confirm the names of the yachts his firm is working on, Nicholas Warren, Burgess Marine’s Managing Director comments: “Refits on this scale are great news for Burgess Marine, and perhaps more importantly great news for the South Coast and the rest of the UK.  She’s a substantial vessel with a major program of works and we look forward to working very closely with the Owners Team”.
The Owners Teams, headed up by Andrew Tree of Superyacht Technical Services, has been instrumental in both yard selection and the decision to bring the vessel to the UK.  Superyacht Technical Service specialise in Consultancy, Supervision and Inspection services to the large yacht industry.  Based in the UK they travel globally to support their Clients.  They are completely independent affording their Clients the very best possible unbiased advice.  Andrew comments “It’s great to see her coming to the UK – I’ve known the yacht for many years and it’s a great privilege to be part of this next and exciting phase of her life”.
This announcement comes as a hat-trick for Burgess Marine in respect of Superyacht refits; the company is also undertaking major works on Spada the 33m Hakvoort from (date) and the Kiring the 34m explorer yacht built by Brooke Marine in 1993; both refits are again at the company’s Portchester footprint.