Gulf Craft Flies the Flag for Expo 2020 Dubai

In much the same way as Qatar went about impressing the world in is bid to host the FIFA World Cup of Football so too is Dubai on a mission to host the 2020 WorldExpo in Dubai.

But Dubai has a weapon that Qatar did not employ.  Dubai is using a super yacht to gain the attention of the world and celebrate the Emirati spirit of entrepreneurship that has driven its international success.

UAE based Gulf Craft has showed its ardent support for the bid to host the Expo by flying a banner supporting the Expo 2020 Dubai bid aboard its Majesty 135, while cruising down Dubai Creek, the historic commercial heart of the city.

“The UAE’s geographical position poised between the East and the West, and its visionary spirit that rewards entrepreneurship have been key factors in the success of Gulf Craft and we wanted to celebrate that success by showing our support for the Expo 2020 Dubai bid,” said Mohammed Hussein AlShaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft.

Founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1982, Gulf Craft has built a distinguished reputation as a builder of a wide diversity of vessels, ranging from fishing and family boats to semi-customised luxury super yachts the likes of the Majesty 135