Eat Your Hearts Out Divers

Having set sail shortly after embarkation on day 1 cruised for 4 hours crossing from Baa towards the Ari Atoll.

We anchored off Rashdoo Island and began our first excursion.

Divers boarded the yachts Dhoni a local boat built especially to accompany Explorer as her dive boat while snorkelers jumped aboard the yacht’s RIBs.
We took to the water after a quick trip to the edge of the reef and moments later were in another world.  Within minutes I was asking why divers bother to burden themselves with dive tanks, weight belts and regulators when snorkelling can be so rewarding.
We had hardly got wet when we saw several spotted eagle rays come gliding by.  White tipped reef sharks played the role of sheep dogs corralling smaller reef fish into a flock ready for supper and then moments later a monster Manta Ray came sweeping past mouth wide open scooping a late lunch into its enormous mouth.

Other walk in parts were played by Feather Tailed Sting Rays, Tuna, Moray eels, a glorious Puffer fish, Chromies, Tangs, Butterfly fish, Damsels and Surgeon fish.
The waters of the Maldives are so rich in sea life that all you need is a mask and snorkel