Cobra Yacht has unveiled 30m tugboat conversion project

Originally launched over 40 years ago in February 1963 for service as a tug boat for the French Navy Le Lutteur has spent the last year or so under reconstruction at Cobra Yacht in Turkey.
Now reborn as a rugged looking private yacht she is set up stylishly for the next 40 or so years of her life
She was built at the Forges et Chantier de la Mediterranee (FCM) shipyard in Le Harve, the same builders of the famous cruise ship the Normandie.
Based in Cherbourg throughout her working life she was designed for both surveillance and security duties in the English Channel.  On some occasions she worked for the FOS (French Strategic Ocean Force) and assisted submarines on others she helped manoeuvre the Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth II during her calls at Cherbourg
Released from duty under the tricolor in 2001 the retired tug was later purchased by a client who had earlier used Cobra Yacht to build a yacht for him.
Turkish based Scaro Design were called in to create the yachts new look which has cleverly kept much of the original shape and superstructure. 
Despite its age her single 16 valve diesel engine now rebuilt can still push the 30 metre yacht through the water at 12 knots.