Chartering in the East Mediterranean

Camper & Nicolsons recommend the Eastern Mediterranean as a special place to charter.
Alive with an eclectic mix of colour, culture and charm, the clear, warm waters of the Eastern Mediterranean wash over a mosaic of islands and nations, the perfect cruising grounds for the end of summer.
Each location offers distinct and diverse experiences with ancient ruins, spectacular churches, medieval villages and sacred temples that will enchant anyone that visits. But just as the sheer scale and history of these manmade treasures will amaze you, so too will the natural wonders.
Some locations to consider and yachts to choose from:
Istanbul, Turkey
Captain Clive S J Rogerson of the unique British built motor yacht 45m (147’7’) Atlantic Goose suggests: “to speed across the Bosphorus into the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilisation and divide your time between the beautiful blue tiled Blue Mosque, rising up above the skyline, or meander through some 4,000 shops found in the largest covered market in the world dating back to 1461. 
“After a delicious lunch, why not take a leisurely walk past the designer shops and visit the Hippodrome and the epitome of Byzantine architecture, the Hagia Sophia Palace.”
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tandy Demarchalier, Senior Charter Broker describes Dubrovnik: “Referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre city of Dubrovnik nestles behind its huge imposing ramparts. Walk the city walls and you will soon capture the essence of Croatia and its heritage.
On board the beautiful 43m (141’) Gloria Teresa, anchor for lunch at Polace, on the island’s north coast, before stepping ashore to explore the interior with its saltwater lakes or cruise to the scenic Plitvice Lakes National Park and the breathtaking Krka falls.”

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Built by Venetians in the middle ages and set against a beautiful backdrop of intricate architecture and city walls reaching up to the mountains, the coastal town of Kotor is a delight for anyone interested in the historical twists and turns of the Montenegrian history books. 
Senior Charter Broker Anne Sterringa gives her take: “walk over the city walls, 300m above sea level for the best views of the town, the port and the bay. The 12th century Cathedral of St Tryphon is considered one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in the Adriatic and is not to be missed. 
“Only a short sail away on board the perfect family charter yacht – the 36.02m (118’2) Metsuyan IV you will arrive at the beautiful baroque town of Perast, with many impressive stone palaces and churches along the water front, just across the two jewels of the bay of Kotor: the twin church islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks.”
Mljet, Croatia
Charter Broker Diana L. Brody recommends the national park of Mljet as the perfect introduction to Croatia’s islands: “Sail along on board the beautiful 33.5m (109’9)  Layazula to the pretty island known for its wines, olives and goat’s cheese. The unspoilt island is covered by dense Mediterranean forest and the sea surrounding it is rich with fish and marine life. Most well-known for its salt lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero, take time to discover the ancient Benedictine monastery dating back to 1664 right in the middle of the Veliko Jezero lake.”
Patmos, Greece
Senior Charter Broker Pierre Hurel suggests: “The Greek island of Patmos, an ideal stop over for a charter commencing in the port of Kusadasi, located a leisurely 45nm further North on the Turkish coast near the site of one of the seven wonders of the world in Ephesus, and one of the best conserved and largest archaeological sites of the Mediterranean. 
“Home of the Virgin Mary where St. John was imprisoned and wrote the famed ‘Revelation of the Apocalypse,’ Patmos will take you on an enthralling cultural trail of history. Visit the extremely well preserved whitewashed monastery built in 1008, located directly above the village and built on the site of a temple dedicated to Artemis. 
“Explore the many beaches and inlets to be enjoyed on board a fun filled charter yacht such as the sleek 41m (134’10), Griffin.”
Bodrum, Turkey
Charter Broker Cristabel Nye offers her suggestions on discovering highlights around Turkey’s Antalyan coast where tradition and modern life go hand in hand in the cultured town of Bodrum: “Make sure to visit the Crusader Castle built by the knights of St John and filled with treasures discovered in excavations of ancient shipwrecks. 
“Then take a leisurely cruise on board the magnificent 42m (138’) E&E around crystal clear waters of Cape Krio and down to Datca. Just around the Loryma peninsula, discover Bozukkale, lying beneath the Hellenistic citadel of ancient Loryma and take a hike up to explore the ancient acropolis offering stunning views of Rhodes.”