Interview With Michael

Writing as we do, Travel Features in our series of Super Yacht Destinations, we often get to interview the great and powerful.  During our visit to the Seychelles for example we were granted an interview with the Minister of Tourism Alain St Ange.

We do also from time to time get to interview less human beings.

Writing about Sailing in Oman for example saw Michael interview a Falcon.

While on location in the Galapagos it was a baby seal pup who was quizzed by our note book wielding traveller

So it was almost inevitable that on Fregate Island Private we should interview one of the 2000 giant tortoises that roam the island.

But who to interview?

Timothy is said to be the biggest and James the most friendly but neither of them was on duty they day we called.  Well at least that is what their social secretary Dane Le Marx said.

So we had to settle for Michael (the tortoise of course) who was far more interested in the Star Fruit and Bananas we were offering than answering any of the questions we sought to pose 

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