Intellian Introduces Fibre Optics For VSAT and TVRO

Intellian, the Korean based manufacturer of maritime satellite antennas, has announced its latest advance in the speed and reliability of both VSAT and TVRO antennas. The Intellian Fiber Link is a single fibre optic cable, which connects the antenna to below deck systems. Previous connections have been carried out with multiple coaxial cables, which are more difficult to install, heavier and less effective than fibre optic. Their new Fiber Link combines several RF signals into a single fibre optic cable, which provides virtually no signal loss for either VSAT or TV reception.

The manufacturer is well known for its exhaustive product testing regime which has shown the new Fiber Link cable to register no signal loss over a massive 2km run. This allows a virtually limitless cable run when installing equipment, making Fiber Link very easy to install and extremely reliable.
Fiber Optic cable is also significantly lighter than its coaxial alternative.  While touring the company’s facilities in South Korea last week we weighed 30 metres of their new fibre optic cable and found it to be just 0.3 kilos while the same length of coaxial cable was 14.6 kilos.  Quite aside from the weight saving on board a yacht the fact is the technicians installing the equipment have a much easier time doing so!
The system requires just two modules to effect connection, a Below Deck Unit which connects to the Antenna Control Unit and modem, while the Above Deck Unit is mounted inside the Radome base. Improved, stable connection with one fibre optic cable complements the company’s range of antennae and presents another first for this rapidly growing, technology company.

Intellian was founded in 2004 and has shown tremendous growth year-on-year, with new office openings and numerous product launches to offer an innovative and full line of VSAT communications and satellite TVRO antennas for super yachts. The company now exports its products to 6 continents and over 45 countries and has established over 400 contracted dealers and a support network worldwide.
Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea the company also has a Maritime Technical Centre in Busan, South Korea, as well as U.S. operations in Irvine, California, Seattle, Washington, and European operations in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Southampton, UK.

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