Frégate Island Private Truly Nature’s Island

Frégate Island is a private resort island and is the easternmost of the granitic Inner Islands of the Seychelles some 34 miles east of Mahé.  The island is run as an exclusive resort that integrates luxury tourism with the conservation of the natural environment.

Named Frégate Island by the explorer Lazare Picault after the abundance of frigatebirds he found on the island it was purchased by its present owner in 1987.
Very slowly and with great attention to the ecology and natural beauty of the island he has transformed it into one of the finest nature resorts we have ever visited
The island is only 2.19 square kilometres and is home to just 17 traditional-style private pool residences that are made from native mahogany and topped with thatched roofs.  Despite the possibility of as many as 65 guests on the island at peak times of high activity the general air is one of utter seclusion and it is difficult to bump into other guests.
The islands natural beauty is its greatest attraction.  Its topography is covered with Takamaka, Cashew, Coconut, Cinnamon, Cocoplum, Mango, Vanilla, and its support and shade plant Sandragon Trees.  Several walking trails have been cut through the jungle to allow the visitor to enjoy them.

The vegetation of Frégate has been significantly altered by man’s activities. During the 16th and 17th century pirates are thought to have used the island as a secluded hideout because of its plentiful supply of fresh water and food.

During the early 1900’s the island was used for spice production and copra plantation, causing most of its natural forest to be cleared.
When these industries became unviable the plants were abandoned leaving a landscape of extensive exotic monoculture that had displaced indigenous plant species and reduced the natural habitat for native wildlife.
Since then, the vegetation on the island has comprised of exotic plants with patches of native woodland that have either persisted or been replanted.
Despite this, the island still retained many important plant and animal species endemic to Frégate Island and the Seychelles. The ongoing habitat restoration programme on the island makes use of native species propagated in the Frégate Island indigenous tree nursery.

Over 100 species of birds can be seen on the island of which 12 species are full time residents that live and breed on the island, while the others are migrants.

The island is also home to the rare Seychelles Magpie Robin as well as the relocated Aldabra Giant Tortoises of which over 2000 roam the island. It also has endemic species, including the flightless Frégate Island Giant Tenebrionid beetle, some species of millipedes and the Enid snail

Top Tip:  Take walking shoes as well as your swim suit.  Besides the beautiful beaches there are some wonderful Jungle Walking Trails on the island that will put the walking shoes to good use

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