Spanish Navy Submarine Will Sink to Bottom of Sea

It is perhaps good news that the company building submarines for the Spanish Navy has no plans to build super yachts following news that Spanish navy submarine said to have cost £2 billion will sink to bottom of sea.
Now it is true that submarines are designed to sink but apparently this one may not be buoyant enough to surface, which in any ones language is a big whoops!
The new submarine has been discovered to contain a serious design flaw – it is too heavy and will sink like a stone with miscalculations at the engineering stage being blamed.
The new S-80 has been named Isaac Peral in honour of the Spanish man credited by some as the inventor of the underwater vessel
Estimated to be some 75 tons overweight, an excess that could compromise its ability to surface after submerging Navantia based in Cartagena, southern Spain and the company building it, admitted to the existence of “deviations related to the balance of weight”
The 233ft vessel may have to be lengthened to compensate for the excess weight, a redesign that comes with an estimated cost of 7.5 million euros per extra metre and a further 2 year delay
The shipbuilders, are now reportedly seeking “technical experts from abroad” to advise them in the redesign of what has been called as the “most modern conventional submarine in the world”.