Australian super yacht industry discusses next strategic move

At last week’s Australian Superyacht and Marine Export Conference (ASMEX) saw delegates determined, sharp and focused, according to event organisers.
Held on the Gold Coast and hosted by the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) and Superyacht Australia, the event attracted a strong list of international delegates from a range of countries including, China, UAE, Taiwan, South Africa, USA and Europe.
The Australian super yacht industry planned its future steps during the event, with a central theme of cohesion: working together to overcome legislative brakes; working together to open up new markets and share insight on the best approach in doing business; and working together as a region to bring super yacht visitors to Australia, New Zealand and the greater South Pacific.
Other topics included the effect each global market has on the Australian industry, strategies to better partner with New Zealand to achieve greater clout in the international arena and marketing strategies in a new media environment.