Oscar Nominated Film Crew Excel in Super Yacht Movies

Richard Gold Media is more than just a production company that specialises in high-end corporate film productions and TV commercials. 

The firm has a string of films featuring super yachts to its credit.

They cover the complete creative process for our clients from scriptwriting and storyboarding right through to the end production, they also develop and create brand concepts for a wide range of online and offline marketing materials.

Company head Richard Gold is justifiably proud of his super yacht client list and the long-term relationships he has built with owners and shipyards irrespective of their film budget sizes.

Having commissioned a film about Polar Star the charter brokers IYR reported “The film helped quadruple the number of charter booking we had for Polar Star within three months, we think because before that no one could see how beautiful and spacious it was from the still photography”.

From broadcast to non-broadcast Richard Gold Media has an ever increasing catalogue of productions and creative projects which can be viewed on their Web site

You can see their film about Aurelia here
Richard Gold told us, “The reason we do not see anything as impossible is because I used to work on feature films. People think that asking a helicopter pilot to fly backwards 10ft over water to get a shot is crazy! But perhaps they do not know that I was in charge of the barbarian hordes in the opening scene of Gladiator so I have learnt what is possible from the very best, as well as being an  ORC in Lord of the Rings and was Tom Cruise’s stand in on the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut. I also put together the team that produced The Cove and received a Screen Actor’s Guild Award for saying one word on the Oscar winning film Shakespeare in Love, purely by accident.  Right place right time. My team include Oscar nominated and Bafta nominated people.”

He is also quite proud that in all his time filming on board super yachts his film crews have never so much as scratched the teak on a yacht.