Charter in Norway This Summer

Who is she?
Felicita West the newly refitted 64 metre motor sailing yacht built by Perini Navi in 2003.
Where is she chartering?
This beautiful ketch rigged sailing yacht is heading for the waters of Norway and has summer availability from 3rd to 20thJuly and from the 1st to 18th of August
Why is she special?
As if Felicita West where not special enough it is where she will be cruising that will make her so special this summer:
Norway is a land for nature lovers, with breathtaking fjords, glaciers, the summer’s midnight sun and a sparsely populated wilderness

Norway’s most noticeable natural features are the fjords, the long and narrow inlets with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacial activity.
This gives wonderful possibilities for creating fascinating and unique itineraries along the 1300 nautical miles long coastline.
Compared to its relatively modest land area, Norway’s coastline is immense if you include the mainland, roughly 50,000 islands, and numerous fjords  and coves, it measures over 21,000 km.
This provides a wonderful opportunity for yacht charters and an un-spoilt sailing and cruising experience in protected waters.
Who is the central charter agent?
Yachtzoo in Monaco
What is her Charter Rate?
Form €165,000 to €195,000 per week