Super Yacht Crew Writes Definitive How to do it book

Ben Proctor was brought up in Cornwall and spent some time in London and Bristol. He was 28 when he decided to leave his comfortable 9-5 job and head out to the South of France to join an industry completely new to him.

Now having worked in super yachts for some time he has written an authorative book detailing ways in which others can follwo in his footsteps.

His book, Super Yachting: The Beginners Guide, is aimed at those considering entry into the super yacht industry to help increase their knowledge into this highly competitive industry.

It is an honest account of the industry from someone who has been working within the industry and learning the realities; both good and bad.

It is full of essential information and useful pointers and tips to help get you started. A broad spectrum of essential website links is enclosed to strengthen your knowledge as well as some technical terms

It is also aimed to help the reader learn how to stand out from the crowd and assist on the quest to achieve that job working on board a super yacht.

He said, “It was an incredible journey with memories to last a life time. I noticed while away a lot of my friends were interested in this work but struggled to find the information to get started, and so my book was born.”

I hope it is a useful tool for people joining or considering this industry. It would also be great if it provided a spark of interest in someone who did not even know such an opportunity was out there.

Available as a download from Smashbboks it costs $4.60 USD


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