Crocs Make the Perfect On Board, Indoor Shoe

Many Captains and quite a few Chief stews we know prefer that crew wear footwear on board and always change it before stepping ashore.

That way they know that shoes do not bring unwanted grit on board that can scratch the polished decks inside the yacht.

As part of our series in which we test equipment and clothing used on board super yachts we have been trying out a range of Crocs shoes.

We tested and subsequently selected the Beachline Boat shoe for on deck wear but felt something a little smarter was needed when working inside the yacht or away for where ones feet may get submerged.

Our choice was the Harborline range with its smart leather upper and clean white sole.

The shoe is instantly wearable and is incredibly soft and comfortable.  Because it has no hard surfaces it cannot scuff or mark the deck and is a good all
round solution for the indoor onboard deck shoe