Watch What You Discharge Over Board

As new regulations come into force and MARPOL takes effect more and more super yachts are beginning to find waste management a problem.
Port state control and various rules in force are forever moving towards a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the discharge of grey and black water for ANY vessel on or off the water.
Marine Waste Management is a new UK company set up to globally help, manage and inform today’s and tomorrow’s yachts about the complex, ever changing rules and regulations that are either in force now or about to become law in the future.
Set up by a former Chief Engineer who has for many years worked with super yachts the three main operational fingers within the company are:
Survey: Onboard survey to establish systems and functionality, conformity and waste management policy. This data is then owned by the yacht
Refit: On board re fit work as required to ensure conformity i.e. no discharge OB and tankage to suit individual yacht operations
Management: Service contract for safe removal of grey and black water whilst in port. Mobile treatment system comes to yacht in port or at anchor to treat and discharge waste safely.
All paper and electronic documentation and records to prove yachts compliance can be accessed at any time from the company’s marine cloud based storage.