Seeking A Super Slick Bottom Solution?

A former super yacht chief engineer is behind Green Harbour Solutions a UK based importer of the eco friendly and green anti foul called Slick Bottom Solution from Invisakil.
The Anti Fouling is revolutionary in the manner in which it does the job, there is no chemical kill more of a physical destruction of the pathogens ( microbes). This results in a long term, anti bacterial coating on what ever you put the product on.
The base molecule has been around since the 70‘s. 

Originally designed for industry, it was marketed in a solution of Methanol for many years. This kept it in the commercial sector due to the toxic phase of application: Recently the manufacturer has developed a stable, aqueous solution, which has opened up the markets and rigorous testing has shown it to comply with the stringent  levels of safety and public use. It has undergone both EPA and EN testing showing it is very safe to handle and apply.
More recently new ideas for the use of the product have come to light and testing is currently underway with the “Slick Bottom Solutions” blend on the bottom of boats and yachts. Initial testing on samples of structure were done in the Solent in southern UK
Photographs here show the sort of results that were achieved in still water. ie there was no flow of water over the surface to help keep it clean. These discs have been in the water for 22 weeks.
The product is available from an ever-growing list of suppliers in the UK and Europe