Yogi Sank One Year Ago Today

The super yacht Yogi sank one year ago today.  Despite their many undertakings to do so in a timely fashion, the French authorities have yet to publish a report.

They have taken one whole year to assemble the evidence and still have not answered a single question publicly.

One of the most pressing questions must be the one concerning the floating cushions.

This clear image of shows cushions normally used on deck, floating astern of the yacht.  At first thought, this is not unusual, but ask any Captain in command of a super yacht where he would stow deck cushions while on passage in winter, and the answer will undoubtedly be: “below deck” meaning, in all probability, in the Lazerette or beach club.

So here is the question. 

How is it that cushions, in all probability stowed below decks, are seen to be floating off the yacht’s starboard quarter?

Could it be that watertight hatches were not shut down?

How will we ever know if the French keep on delaying the publication of a report into the sinking?

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  1. As mentioned earlier: I think that we will NEVER get any satisfying answers as the crew seems to have been adviced not to say anything. I think that this is why the French authorities keep on delaying the publication of the report. I guess that they do not have much more information than we have – at least not enough for a satisfying report. I was contacted by an insurance company involved in the sinking and they were asking if I had photos of the yacht while she was under construction. I have not but this shows how desperately the people try to get information.

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