Nanny Cay in BVI Can Now Take Yachts to 40 metres

The Nanny Cay Resort and Marina is located on the south side of Tortola in the BVI.  It is a popular destination for yachts of all sizes with ample berthing and a fully-equipped boatyard.

The original marina was built by Walcon in the UK and transported to Tortola in 1980. The company has been back regularly over the years for maintenance and expansion projects.
The most recent of those re visits saw the company installing five super yacht berths each capable of taking yachts up to 40 metres in length.
With the annual risk of hurricanes, the environment in the Caribbean is a challenging one for yacht marinas.  Heavy-duty System 2000 pontoons, three metres wide and designed to withstand high loads have been used for the docks.
These have the added advantage of being made in aluminium. This gives them excellent resistance against corrosion. Along with the pontoons two access bridges were also built in the UK and shipped across the Atlantic, along with safety ladders and emergency cabinets.
“The new docks are working very well for us,” said Nanny Cay’s Cameron McColl. “They have lifted the whole marina to a new level and give us great flexibility when it comes to events. The quality of the docks has been commented on by all who have used them.”

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