Eidsgaard Design to work alongside Benetti shipyard

Eidsgaard Design in London have again been invited to work alongside the Benetti shipyard to create their latest and perhaps most exciting projects to date the 70m and 90m designs of the Benetti Innovation.
Key to the 70 metre design is the centralised service core, huge interior volumes and distinctive exterior envelope. To ensure a coherent flow of crew invisibly throughout the yacht. Lift and stair cores run in straight lines through all decks, A/C and technical spaces have been allocated and thought through, and victualing and stores optimised
It carries an unmistakable signature line, designed to look sleek and purposeful with wing-like fashion plates separating the forward and aft sections of the yacht. Bulwarks are lowered aft of the fashion plates with glass insets, maximising views out from the interior and lowering the perception of superstructure volume aft

The exterior is capped with what effectively looks like a classical funnel, but in reality provides a sheltered dining area for 12.
Having condensed and rationalised the service core the designers have been able to give precious space back to the Owners and guests. The Owners stateroom is an enormous 154M2 with saloons at 190M2.
A nice feature is the dedicated Spa and Gym with its own hull side opening and located off the main stair atrium on lower deck. All guests are located on main deck, with an addition “staff cabin” on lower deck adjacent to the spa.
The 90 metre version features Owner’s areas spread over 5 decks, featuring a spa, cinema, 6 guest cabins, VIP Cabin, double height lounge of 200M2 and enormous 179M2 Owners Stateroom.
The double height saloons interconnected with a grand centreline staircase is one such impressive feature that really plays on the grandeur of the spaces. The 6.5m Pool on main deck is architecturally connected to this saloon via a series of columns that flow between interior and exterior.
Assisted by its length, the sleek exterior profile is designed to look both powerful and purposeful. Her clean lines are broken mid ships to allow for full height glass to the massive atrium stair located within

Aft decks are connected by sweeping staircases that enhance the feeling of connection deck by deck.