Spot the Yacht at the London Boat Show

Fancy a new Range Rover? A case or two of wine, or maybe even a conservatory and all the furniture and hot tubs you can fit into it?

If you do then cut along to the London Boat show before it closes on

If however, buying a sailing yacht is on the cards, then maybe the show is not the place to spend a day.  The sad thing is that the London Boat Show is now more of an all round family experience show than somewhere you go to talk about buying a yacht.

Motor boats are putting on a show with good exhibits from Fairline, Princess and Sunseeker but with a shorter show crammed into a smaller space the writing has got to be on the wall for London’s Premier Yachting event.

The exhibitors blame the show organizers, the show organizers blame the paying public, and the paying public do not bother to turn up because … Well quite frankly there is no good reason to do so.

It’s not all bad news however, because at lunch time, you no longer have to queue up for an expensive plate of dried up sandwiches.  Not only is there no waiting to be served but once you have bought your lunch there are plenty of tables and chairs at which to sit and try and eat it.

Every cloud has its silver lining!


  1. I think its good show for every boat and yacht interested peoples. I am one of them and I am looking for new beautiful yacht. Yacht bottom painting is my hobby since last 2 years.

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