Private Navy Will Protect Super Yachts as Well as Cargo Ships

A private Navy is preparing to offer protection to superyachts as they pass through waters infested with pirates
Unlike other private security firms that put armed guards on board the yachts, this company will offer protection vessels of its own that will escort ships and yachts in a convoy style concept.
The idea behind the company is not about lethal force matching lethal force – it’s more like applying a burglar alarm to the problem says business man Anthony Sharpe who will become the first Chief Executive Officer of Typhoon.
We plan to establish an exclusion zone of one kilometre around the ships using a mothership and fast patrol boats, three of which are currently being fitted out in Singapore
They will be fitted with machine guns and teams on board will carry assult rifles.
Crews of up to 40 for each team have been recruited using former British Royal Marines, the mothership will crew of 20 recruited mainly using officers that have left the Royal Navy.
Mr Sharpe did not say how much he would charge but he told the BBC that shipping companies would benefit from reduced insurance premiums.
“I have spoken to the underwriters at Lloyds and the expectation is that there will be a 50% to 80% reduction in premiums for customers who use our services.”
“The direction these convoys travel in will be determined by the customers, rather than the timetables of navies, he added.


  1. If they pay for beer, Alex & Ric will sign up as crew for free. This could be the ultimate charter opportunity. Cheers

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