Anguilla to Build Super Yacht Marina

One of the economic and investment strategies of The Anguilla United Movement Government, is to diversify the island’s economic base by the development of Marinas.
Now Chief Minister Hon. Hubert Hughes has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with an American based development company ECMA for a Megayacht Marina to be built on the Southern coast of the island. The MOU was witnessed by Trade and Investment officer in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Perin Bradley and signed by Mr. Ellington Ellis of ECMA.
It is envisioned that the project will have a mixture of hospitality products, high end shopping and other services.
On hand at the ceremony were, Permanent Secretary M. Foster Rogers, Chairman of the Tourism Investment Committee, Hon. Jerome Roberts and Hon. Haydn Hughes who are also members of the Tourism Investment Committee.
Speaking after the ceremony, Chief Minister Hughes said,  “This project is long overdue and will create employment for 100s of jobs for the Anguillian people. Anguilla has a number of world class hospitality products and we have been challenged to encourage investment for a mega yacht Marina for many years. This opens the door for the development of this marina and these investors are serious business people. I would like to thank my Ministers, Miss Mary Clare Haskins for her hard work, the Tourism Investment Committee, Ms. Lavan Hoyoung and most of all, the Romney’s family for making this dream a reality.