Superyacht Builder Creates Toy Launching Platform

Yacht Builder teams up with Dutch submarine builder to create a six metre platform that can launch a variety of toys from a super yacht.
Take the lift to explore the depths
Builders of the Curvelle ‘quaranta’ in Turkey have teamed up with mini submarine builder, U-Boat Worx of Holland to promote just one feature of their power catamaran series The hydraulic powered aluminium stern platform can be used to launch a mini submarine, a limousine tender and can also be adapted to land ashore a large car
Curvelle founder Luuk V van Zantan takes up the story ‘When we decided to do something special in the superyacht market, our power catamaran concept created many opportunities.
Having twin hulls, with a 9m beam and a good freeboard, allowed us to use the aft deck area as a lifting platform. Our a 6m rigid aluminium structure is powered hydraulically on Teflon slides with a rating of four tons.
At deck level it provides a large area for lounging or entertaining with the tender docked safely out of sight between the hulls; it can be lowered to water level and become the beach club and with a touch of a button have two water cascades with spa bubbles from underneath!
The clever bit is that the platform can go .85m below the surface to launch toys and tenders and a mini submarine such as the C-Quester 2 person submersible from U-Boat Worx.
This submarine application is the perfect illustration of one of the key features of the Curvelle ‘quaranta’ and unique for a superyacht of 34m.
It illustrates the lifting capacity and size of the platform not forgetting it will support the custom catamaran tender supplied with the yacht or the optional limo tender.
It is robust enough to accommodate a large 4×4 car that can run on and off to the quay using our custom gang plank system. When we showcase the yacht next spring we will have a submarine on deck which we believe will capture the attention and imagination of potential customers for Curvelle, potential syndicate owners and the charter market, as our strap line says ‘expect more’.’