Watkins Superyachts Secure, to offer Superyachts Protection Against Piracy

As global defence cuts reduce funding for naval counter-piracy deployments, the fight against piracy is increasingly being handed to private stakeholders. Softening of legislation has enabled responsible managers to engage private maritime security companies (PMSCs) in safeguarding their assets and personnel.

The recent fall in the number of piracy attacks is considered to be attributable to the carriage of PMSCs. However, it cannot be reasonably expected that the threat of piracy will decline given the lucrative ransom returns and an almost inexhaustible recruitment pool.

Now London based Watkins Superyachts Ltd. has joined with Special Projects and Services Ltd. (SPS) and Unity SPS as their preferred security partners in a new maritime security facility, Watkins Superyachts Secure, aimed initially at piracy protection.

In what is believed to be the first publicly offered partnership of its kind, they are promoting the legal and effective provision of  armed security to both yachts and commercial vessels transiting high-risk areas. Watkins has recognised that the growth in the number of PMSCs operating in the Indian Ocean has raced ahead of any adequate form of global vetting or selection process.  Already, shootings at sea have led to international disputes and accidental confrontations, in some cases fatal. The risk of engaging cheaper, poorly-trained forces also introduces the potential for illegal acquisition, possession and disposal of firearms.

Watkins Superyachts Secure is promoting full anti-piracy protection to clients whose vessels are required to transit high-risk areas, including voyage planning, sourcing insurance cover, and if necessary, third-party vetting of PMSCs in addition to the services offered by SPS or Unity SPS.

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