Barcelona Launches Nautical Cluster for Superyachts

Barcelona the vibrant city in the south of Spain has fully recognised the importance of Superyachts spearheading a policy that is promoting the city port and it’s facilities as a Nautical Cluster.

Launched at the Monaco Yacht Show, the Cluster is a vehicle for promoting the city to Superyachts.

In the centre of the cluster is the ambitious project of Port Vell which will when completed see berthing alongside for yachts up to 180 metres.

Just minutes from the beach and a short stroll into the city the marina is already attracting the attention of yacht crews who hope the boss will buy a berth there.

The initial promoters of the new group are

  • Marina Barcelona 92, the  refit and repair shipyard
  • Marina Port Vell
  • FNOB, a public body offering training in the nautical sector and promoting world class racing.  

The  Cluster is being launched with the aim of integrating companies, institutions or research centres whose common focus is the sea in order to fully exploit their socioeconomic potential. 

Also expected to take part are

  • Nautical Faculty of the Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona
  • The future marina of the Bocana Nord which is currently under tender
  • Consorci El Far offering professional training in the nautical sector
  • Cofradía de Pescadores

along with strong city backing and the support of other cultural bodies.