Amendments to MARPOL Annex V (Pollution by Garbage)

On 1st January next year the amended Annex V (pollution by garbage) of the MARPOL convention will enter into force. IMO Circular MEPC.201(62), which was adopted on 15 July 2011, contains details of the amendments.

The most significant changes that the amendments will bring about are as follows:

  • New types of garbage and revised definitions of existing types;
  • Revised requirements for what types of garbage can be discharged into the sea and where;
  • A revised format of the Garbage Record Book;
  • The requirement for all ships of 100GT and over to have a Garbage Management Plan.

The main consequences from 1st Jan 2013 for large yachts are:

  • All chemicals used for washing-down the exterior of yachts are to have documentation to demonstrate that they are not dangerous to the marine environment;
  • The discharge into the sea of cooking oil will be explicitly prohibited;
  • New garbage placards are to be placed onboard showing the latest disposal requirements;
  • All private and charter yachts of 100GT and above must have a Garbage Management Plan;
  • All existing Garbage Management Plans must be revised to reflect the new disposal requirements and garbage types.

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