Allocated Seats

Having flown rather a lot with easyJet recently and endured the scrum down for seats we were rather excited by the prospect of having seat numbers allocated to us when we boarded a Cyprus Airlines flight to Larnaca.

We were flying to Cyprus to visit and review Karpaz Gate Marina

It is sad when great anticipations are let down but as we made our way to row 28 towards the rear of the airbus A321, we realised with horror that there was probably less legroom in these seats than there were on any airbus operated by the aforementioned  orange liveried aircraft.

Cabin crew on board the  Cyprus Airlines aircraft were indignant when we suggested that easyJet was a superior airline and they pointed out that food and drink was free on Cyprus Airline aircraft.

Thank you I will have a gin and tonic before supper and wine with my meal!

Turns out there is a charge for alcoholic beverages and after my four hour flight despite the offer of free food, we got off the plane hungry and somewhat thirsty.

It seems there is an advantage to buying a sandwich on a low cost carrier after all.  There at least you know what it is in front of you and you generally can eat it

The return flight was aboard an Airbus A320 which seemed to us to have as lightly better seat pitch

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