Yachting Matters magazine is now online and it’s free to download

The latest issue of Yachting Matters magazine is now online now and it’s free to download
Yachting Matters is acclaimed as one of the worlds premier Superyacht magazines, now you can find this exceptionally fine read wherever you happen to be, worldwide 24/7 and it’s interactive – of course.
It is available as:
  • A Desktop Version – Read it in the office, at home or on-board.
  • An E.Book Version – Take it with you on the train, to your cabin or for whenever you have a quiet moment.
  • A mobile version – well, for when you are mobile!

It includes you the Professional Yachting Association (PYA) Supplement, plus a Card section along with the Movers & Shakers listings.
Editor Publisher and article writer Colin Squire will still be personably delivering 10,000 hardbound copies on-board to professionally run yachts in the coming weeks.  He sets off this week to accomplish this 7000 mile drive.
He will also be distributing copies to visitors of various Superyacht shows over the coming months. Copies can be collected at the Monaco Yacht show this September from racks, on stand QD5.
You will find the latest edition No. 23 at www.yachtingmatters.com