Check Before Renting Accommodation for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Hotels in the Fort Lauderdale area fill quickly around the time of the boat show at the end of each October.  There is a temptation to consider renting a private home as an alternative but before renting it pays to check things very carefully.
Last year the 17th floor apartment we normally book was unavailable for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show period.  We resorted instead to choosing something from a home rental site.
Sadly things worked out badly for us and we hope that you might learn from our mistake.  On the very first day of or stay the home we rented was broken into and all our portable computers and iPads were stolen clearly by thieves who knew what they were looking for.
After the event the very efficient Police Department concluded that the house known to be a rental property was being watched around the time we moved in.  The burglars maintained their vigil and struck quickly when we went shopping the next morning.
The thieves broke into the home, smashing a glass window and opened the front door to make their escape.
Luckily for the landlord the damage they did to his property was covered by his insurance but the contents brought in by us were not.  If property is stolen from a hotel then the hotels insurance will cover your loss.  Reputable home owners renting out their accommodation generally do the same but clearly not all do!
So here is our checklist for a successful stay in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Rent hotel rooms & private homes inspected and approved of by the city.
  • Consider apartments in multi-storied blocks over stand alone ground floor homes
  • Use apartment blocks that employ security at the front door
  • Rent only property that pays the city bed tax. (it’s the law!)
  • Remember that Fort Lauderdale is a tourist city
  • Take time to visit places outside the show
  • Enjoy some of the many wonderful restaurants.
  • Consider time spent on retail therapy well worth the effort

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  1. One thing i would really suggest that if some one really want your traveling tips to be memorable then simply avoid peak weekend afternoon bus hours, and also check headphone jack is working or not since traveling without listening music is just like a tea without a sugar. And such a event cannot be missed out

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