We Test Drive the New Wally Ace 26 Metre Motoryacht

When it comes to yacht design Luca Basani has in the past turned peoples conceptions to make a complete U turn.  Each Wally Yacht he produces forces the yachtsman to look one and then look again.
Well he has done it again with the all new Wally Ace a 26 metre Full Displacement Yacht the first of which is called Kanga.
We were one of a small discreet group of privileged journalists to be invited on board this very special looking yacht that will have the purists scratching their heads and wondering why.
We liked a great many features about this yacht and believe that many novel innovative ideas seen here for the very first time will, in due course, appear as copies in designs elsewhere.
We have been commissioned to write this yacht up for several of the worlds better yachting magazines and it will appear in their pages in months to come.  

Look out for it in the Hot Off The Press section of our Web site.