Top Travel Journalist Uses Our Experience to Illustrate a Point

Top travel journalist Alastair McKenzie has interviewed us both for a feature he has written about the use of Twitter.

The feature published in an online resource for those who use the Internet to write about their travels and is one of many interesting articles written by Alastair who is expert in such matters.

Not only does Alastair act as the webmaster for the British Guild of Travel Writers on whose committee he sits as Vice Chair but he is also the Editor of Travel Lists an independent ‘expert directory’-style website for British holiday-makers and travellers who want to browse a simple list of only the best and most relevant travel providers for their travel research.

Alastair McKenzie is a travel journalist who has one foot in traditional media and the other in social media. He works on a freelance basis as a commercial audio journalist recording interview and events clips for the travel industry, as a print/online travel journalist, as a webmaster, and sometimes gives talks or training on social media.

He has been a radio travel journalist since 1989 and an online travel journalist since just before the millennium.
In that time he has like us visited over 50 countries – many of them more than once, and a few up to a dozen times.
He is an active member of the travel blogger and social media community and we have learned a great deal from him.