Superyacht Designer Helps Chronometer Maker Relaunch

Thomas Mercer, the chronometer maker founded his company in 1858 and will forever be remembered by seafarers for his marine chronometers that were used to safely navigate around the globe in years before GPS was conceived.
The value of the original company, of course, lies in its name and history and recently it has been acquired to launch a new generation of marine chronometer.
Helping in the re-launch is superyacht designer Andrew Winchrecognised for having created some of the most beautiful yachts in the world.  He has designed a new marine chronometer specifically for the horologist that will be seen for the very first time next month
The partnership is more than the meeting of two famous British names: the fusion of the clock makers brand and heritage added by the creativity of the superyacht designer is set to write a new page in the history of the timepiece that once enabled adventurers to explore and map the World.
It will at the same time continue the tradition of engineering and design excellence, allowing the marine chronometer to evolve from being an essential tool of the Navigators’ trade into a revolutionary design object desired and collected by owners of the world’s finest yachts.

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  1. I hope the new one is clockwork 🙂

    Then, when a mid-ocean lightning strike fries their state-of-the-art electronics, the skipper of an Andrew Winch yacht will be able to gather up his/her dusty old Sight Reduction Tables, sextant & the new chronometer – stroke “design object” – and work out where they are! 😉

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