Sea Rhapsody is Recipient of First Ever Green Passport Issued to a Superyacht by Lloyds Register

Sea Rhapsody the second of the Amels 212 Limited Editions range is the first superyacht in the world to be awarded a ‘Green Passport’ from Lloyds Register
The ‘Green Passport’ – or ‘Inventory of Hazardous Materials’ – was devised as a result of the Hong Kong International Convention of Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships 2009. Qualification for the ‘Green Passport’ requires the builder to put together a highly detailed list, which identifies and locates all the materials that have been used in the yacht’s construction.
The initiative for putting the yacht forward for the Green Passport came from Ocean Management, a division of Ocean Independence. The company’s project and management director, Daniel Küpfer, said: “It is time to monitor the lifecycle of a ship from ‘birth to grave’.  We also feel that this may enhance the resale value as this passport is set to become compulsory for superyachts in the future.”
Amels Project manager, Sjoerd van den Broek, commented: “Fulfilling all the requirements for the Green Passport has entailed a very large effort from Amels over the past three years and also for all the suppliers and contractors involved in building the yacht. Hopefully she will sail for more than a hundred years but at the end of her life on the sea, her materials can be recycled in a controlled and environmentally responsible manner.”