High Performance Marine Coatings Increases Speed and Fuel Economy by up to 8%

Revolutionary water-based drag reduction bottom paints are being credited with increasing the speed and fuel economy of superyachts by up to 8%.

Belle Adventure the 29 metre William Fife Classic Sailing Yacht was coated in March 2012 with HullSpeed 3000-series.  She had sailed 9.5 knots in 12 knots of wind with her Petit Ultra bottom paint but one coated sailed 10.5-11 knots in 12 knots of wind with HullSpeed demonstrating an improvement in speed of between 8.5% and 12.5%

The epoxy/silicone dual domain polymer network combines the hardness and abrasion resistance of organic epoxides and the performance characteristics of dimethyl silicones.

HullSpeed coatings are one of the most eco-friendly paints available and contain no biocides, heavy metals or anti-fouling agents.

The very low VOC’s and extremely low fumes during application make this a product of choice for confined spaces and environmentally conscious applications.

Less time and materials are required to apply the coating and with proven speed and fuel economy increases there is a cost saving tool for both suppliers and consumers to benefit from.   

HullSpeed a subsidiary of Greenfield Mfg., Inc. located in Saratoga Springs, NY was established in 2002 originating in the performance sailing markets.


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