We Do Love Paris

We may not have enjoyed sleeping in our tiny bed in our hotel but we do nevertheless enjoy being in Paris. Shopping in Galleries La Fayette  is both a joy and an experience and it was conveniently close to our hotel.

Eating out is the other joy.  We consulted fellow members of the British Guild of Travel Writers, Mike Gerrard and Donna Dailey who have written Top Ten Paris, published as part of the DK Eye Witness Series for us, the definitive guide book to Paris.  Although accredited as the original authors they have not updated the book themselves because, sadly, the publishers have handed out that work to others.  Nevertheless they were able to suggest where to eat within walking distance of our hotel.

Chartier is, they say, a very traditional Parisian Resturant.  A crowded, noisy and somewhat  frantic affair with paper table cloths and fast, no frills, service.  The food is however superb and truly French.  Like many of its ilk it does not run a reservations book and queuing is inevitable.  The length of the queue testament to the fact that locals and tourists alike find it good value.

“Do not get put off by the length of the line said Mike and Donna, it moves very quickly and the wait is well worth it.” As always, they are right!