Gocek Bay and the Town of Fethiye

E&E arrived in the deep blue Göcek Bay, sometimes called the Gulf of Fethiye, in the afternoon and as she did so, we stood on deck and marvelled at its magnificence. These pine forested- shores, ancient towns, and endless beaches are pretty much a required stop for anyone traveling by sea along the Turquoise Riviera.

We anchored in a bay not to far from the Hillside Resort which is convenient because they grant those visiting by yacht, full facilities of the resort on a day basis.  While not cheap, they seem to be all inclusive and worth the money.

From here we chose to walk into the pleasant town of Fethiye, once the major port for Roman Lycia.  It is not that far and is a truly scenic trip even if strenuous as you climb up and down hills on the way.

Those who follow us should try and join the locals along the seafront promenade and should not miss the Tuesday market, where you can stock up on everything from fresh produce to Turkish textiles to local olive oil and cheese.

Buy local fish for lunch and take it to the adjacent restaurants whose kitchens will cook it for you.

To continue the local experience, get scrubbed and massaged in the 16th-century hammam in town, marveling at the traditional architecture as you lounge in the steam room.

Venture just out of town to the ruins and Lycian rock tombs at Telmessos, the ancient city.

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