Charter Silolona Cruising Diverse Island Cultures East of Bali

Who is She?
Silolona is a 50 metre Schooner rigged super yacht that is a truly modern classic sailing vessel. She was built locally to the demandingly high standards of German Lloyds register of shipping. She carries 10 guests in 3 King suites, 2 Double suites and has a crew of 16 plus an Expedition leader 

Where is She Chartering?
Cruises are planned to be flexible around a guests schedule. By deciding when guests want to sail with Silolona, they will have the choice to have a quiet beach and dive trip in the Andaman Sea and in Komodo National Park or one of the most memorable cultural trips you can dream of, by visiting the tribes of Iran Jaya (Papua), attending the Asmat Auction for their art, visiting the remote and rich Spice Islands and discovering the trade posts and beautiful islands visited during the height of the Spice Trade. For beach and sailing, cultural trips or astonishing diving in Komodo National Park or Raja Ampat, Indonesia’s Eastern Islands are yours to discover on board a traditional tea, 2-masted sailing ship

Why is She Special?
On board Silolona, guests will explore the little known yet fascinatingly diverse, island cultures east of Bali. From Komodo dragons, ‘ikat’ textiles, volcanic crater lakes to war dances, guests will explore, in-depth, the ancient cultures rimming the Savu Sea. Each dawn will reveal a new island landscape and a different culture, perhaps a gently smouldering volcano, the craggy peaks of Komodo or sleepy native harbour bustling with traditional fishing craft and local inter-island schooners. To allow for a full day’s activities on shore the ship usually sails at night and anchors during the day for cultural excursions or water activities. Most of the islands are blessed with deserted white sand beaches, transparent turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs waiting to be explored. Each day guests have the opportunity to snorkel, swim, fish, or simply stroll on a deserted stretch of beach.

Silolona is home to five spacious cabin suites, a teak lounge and dining area surrounded by large windows, on deck dining and well equipped dive facility.

Diving: Raja Ampat and Komodo boast the largest biodiversity of pristine marine life on the planet. Silolona is a fully licensed and equipped PADI Dive Centre with 3 full size tenders, all dives are guided by experience fully certified PADI instructors armed with menus of handpicked, often ‘secret’ sites to choose from. Discover some of the world’s last unblemished coral reefs teeming with a full range of aquatic life, including mandarin fish and walking sharks. If you are already a licensed diver, bring your license and log book. If you are not, her on board dive instructor will be happy to teach you this richly rewarding underwater sport.

Who is her Central Charter Agent?
Available through Private Label Worldwide  or Telephone +44 1628 771 171

What is her Charter Rate?
From £9,750 per day (£68,250). Price based on exclusive charter for up to 10 guests including all food & non-alcoholic beverages and services of the dedicated crew.