Audio speakers disguised as works of art designed to order

Created by installing low profile components within a slim speaker box designed to mimic a picture frame, Almaria Art audio speakers allow the owner of a superyacht to fit a fabric cover that can be spray painted with any design, photograph or image that he or she chooses.  The result is a speaker that is essentially invisible, and which matches or enhances the décor of any saloon or cabin.

The speakers offer a wide range of customisation.  As an alternative to the fabric cover with its bespoke imagery the front face can be decorated in paint, wood or leather (see image on right), thereby making a feature of the embedded speakers.  As for the frames, they are available in both metal and wood and can then be coated in any paint or material.  Finally they can either be hung from or sunk into the wall, according to preference.

Technically the Almaria Art speakers are first class, using advanced components of the latest design.  There are two drivers within each unit, giving a frequency response of 60-24000Hz (-3dB).  Power handling is 30W (RMS) and they have an impedance of 8 ohms.   The result is excellent sound quality with plenty of power for relaxing and pleasurable listening.

In Europe the Almaria Art speakers are available exclusively from Veritais Ltd an AV consultancy and supplier of audio-visual systems for luxury yachts based in the UK. 

Prices for the speakers start at around €1,200 (£1,000) per pair without artwork.


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