Mooring Stern To in Turkey

Banned in Italy, discouraged elsewhere and frequently impossible in many locations, Turkey is perhaps the only area in which yachts are able to moor close in shore.  They do so by dropping their anchor and moving astern towards the shoreline where they send lines ashore.

The advantages are many as we found out while cruising aboard E&E. It allows more yachts to use a picturesque spot it avoids having to worry about swinging circles and in many cases removes the legal requirement to keep an anchor watch.

The social advantages are equally plentiful.  Being so close to the shore in crystal clear water means guests are able to swim off the yacht towards the rocks.

It is however perhaps the only  practical solution to anchoring given the steep sided shoreline and the result.

Safety dictates however that ropes running ashore need to be well marked in a fashion demonstrated by our Captain.  There are stories of jets ski riders passing astern of yachts at speed and not noticing the ropes.  Not a pretty thought.

Our Captain replaces these red markers with flashing strobe lights at night.

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