Let’s Go to Greece for Dinner

“Quick, let’s go to Greece while they still use the Euro.” It was said as a joke, but it rekindled fond memories of a previous visit to the island of Simi so off we set.

One of the joys of chartering a SuperYacht is that on a whim you can dictate her itinerary.  So the bow of E&E was pointed towards this mountainous island famous for the sponges gathered by divers.

The Coast Guard authorities were less than pleased that we had not chosen an official port of entry before hand. But such is the change in attitude between Greece and Turkey now that they welcome yachts into Europe from the neighbouring continent without too much fuss and we were allowed to stay for dinner.

One good thing about entering Europe is we could use our mobile phones with the cheaper EU tariff.

We ate at Manos a fish restaurant on the harbour front.  Dinner was great sampling fried calamari, white bait, grilled octopus, BBQ sardines and stuffed squid.

After dinner Mano brought us shot glasses full of a local delicacy he called Mastik liqueur.  Not quite to our taste and one of our group proclaimed it to be just like Italian Limoncello but without the lemons. Quite! 

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