Ultrasonic Antifouling Success For Superyachts

Yachts over 30 metres, often operating in the warm waters of the Caribbean and Mediterranean, can experience extensive fouling which is especially difficult to control on racing yachts which require regular diver cleans.  Now crew aboard superyachts testing ultrasonic antifouling are recording high degrees of success using an extended system from manufacturers Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd (UAL).

In the case of Nilaya a Baltic 112, maintaining a clean hull around the waters of St Maarten, meant a diver was needed every two days. With the help of an ultrasonic antifouling system there have been dramatic changes seen in the condition of the hull.

Daz Neale, engineer aboard the sailing yacht reported, “Our Ultra 20 Dual systems have definitely been worth their weight on board the yacht over the last two years and the difference it makes to the growth on the bottom of the boat has been unbelievable! With our white “hard” antifoul coating we would have to dive and clean the bottom of the boat about every two days, in order to keep the underside at the standard that should be expected, but with the system installed we are able to reduce this frequency down to about once a week, and this is mostly to remove the various nasty’s found floating in marinas that love to cling onto boats!

“As you can imagine all this not only takes a lot of stress away from us helping us to keep things looking great, but it is also doing a great job in saving money, not only with the cost of diving and cleaning materials but also in making sure our antifoul job lasts longer!”

The system can be extended with additional transducers to cover the majority of superyachts with the benefit of providing additional protection to the propellers, shafts and other underwater appendages.

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