Collector Amasses 500 Plus Superyacht Domain Names

Some folk collect superyacht memorabilia others collect books on the subject and the very few collect superyachts themselves and have a stash of them dotted all over the world.

There is only one collector we know of who collects Superyacht Domain names and unashamedly he admits to owning over 500 of them!

Colin Squires began his career in the Superyacht industry in 1978 as a deck hand on-board a 147 ft. motor yacht. Prior to heading off to sea, he had never sailed before, 
Within a year he had become the 1st officer of this vessel and had cruised extensively throughout Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, both East and West and had crossed the Atlantic to cruise throughout the Caribbean.

The following years saw him moving to ever larger yachts as the industry exploded and working with the world’s top designers and yards on new builds, refits and refinishing projects. In 1985 he acquired his Captain’s certificate and by the late 80’s was working as a Captain.

In 1990 he decided to head ashore where he launched Colin Squire Publishing, selling original yacht art and fine art prints to Captains and Owners.

From this, in 1994, the YachtFile ‘Information Direct’ pack was born. Colin produces 6000 of these unique packs a year, containing hard copy company brochures, CD’s and newsletters for personal on-board delivery to thousands of different, professionally run yachts throughout the world.

In 2000, seeing a gap in the market, his complimentary magazine Yachting Matters was conceived and in 2006 a second magazine, The Yacht Owner was started. Both are delivered on-board thousands of yachts annually and mailed to Superyacht orientated companies.

In 1998, his collection of Superyacht domains began. He know plans to turn that collection to a business use

The concept behind which, is collection of over 100 of his websites, comprising the best generic Superyacht names.

He has formed, which will officially be launched at the Antibes Boat Show.

He hopes that the future of the Superyacht industry lies in advertising on his ‘All In One Place’.

He says, “If You Believe In The Internet — You Have To Believe In This.”

He adds, “Once a visitor finds one of the superyachtweb sites he will then find the remaining 107, they are all different, but all linked together. Imagine not just one boat show, but 108. that is what we have created here, imagine the possibilities.

“There are other S.E.O. factors that have been input into each site that will bring them up under other search criteria making a powerful marketing tool.

“For all of those that choose to become affiliated with it. Just think, if you would find 500 new visitors per month on a standard website, if you have 108 sites, as has, this becomes 54,000 then add in returning visitors.

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