Y.Co Directors Embark on Telemark Expedition

Charlie Birkett Gets in Shape for Arctic Trek

Swapping yachts for skis, Charlie Birkett Group CEO at Y.Co and his fellow Directors Gary Wright and Yves Damette have embarked on a week long Telemark holiday expedition trekking across the Norwegian Arctic.

On the way they hope to raise money for the Special Boat Services Association.

To paraphrase the Y.Co motto Yomping is more than a vacation. When you step onboard, it becomes a lifestyle.

The seven days and night yomp will see them battle the snow and elements as they retrace the steps of the Heroes of Telemark from Evjemoen to Vemork.

The expedition will be travelling on telemark skis, and they will carry all their own equipment and provisions and sleeping wild for a few of the nights. 

The Heroes of Telemark were a group of Norwegian soldiers in WWII, who having destroyed an enemy nuclear facility, fled across the ice on skis chased by thousands of enemy troops.

The operation was considered one of the most crucially successful of the war.  The goal of the Y.CO expedition is to commemorate their bravery and raise funds to support the families of military personnel who have given their lives in service.

The Special Boat Services Association provides financial support for bereaved families of SBS personnel and ex-SBS personnel who have fallen on hard times.

The adventurous trio are aiming to raise £80,000 for this cause.  They and most of all the SBSA and the families it supports appreciate any and all contributions, no matter how small.

Donations can be made at http://www.bmycharity.com/HeroesofTelemarkChallenge2012

The team will be posting pictures and news updates all week on Twitter @ycoyacht, www.ycoyacht.com/wow and the Y.CO blog