World Exclusive Pictures of 33 Metre Vicem 107

In 1991 Vicem the Turkish boat builder made a big splash with the introduction of their Classic series.

For a builder in Turkey to produce the epitome of American style classic Down-East stylings, struck many as presumptuous.

To build them in cold moulded wood was, they all said, preposterous in todays modern age, yet the idea caught on and grew as buyers were irresistibly drawn towards their sirens of form and function.

Vicem had found that the Mediterranean offered similar challenges to challenging North Atlantic conditions faced season after season by Maine lobster boat Captains who are some of the most demanding in the world.

So the series grew with each boat getting larger than the last.  And now the company are about to launch the very latest in their line up.

The 33 metre Vicem 107 will take to the water later this month and here are the very first pictures published anywhere of this fine looking craft.

We are among a very few selected journalists to be invited to sea trial this yacht and will reveal what we find in some of the worlds better superyacht magazines.